Slices of New Paper pieces

Slices of New Paper pieces
Segments of large paper pieces..wax on paper, 45"x30"

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

NEW 2017

 "Rolling" tryptich, 30" x68", wax,pigment, paper ,2017

 "Waves" Dyptich 44" x 64", wax, pigment, paper 2017

"We Meet Again" 30" x22", 2017, wax,pigment, paper

"Evolution",  30"x22". wax,pigment, paper 2017

Friday, November 20, 2015

BLACK EMERGES, wax,pigment,paper, 44"x30",

The BLACK EMERGES series, 45" x33", wax, pigment, paper

"Black Emerges, No 1", 45"x33", wax,pigment, paper

"Black Emerges No. 2" 45"x33", wax,pigment,paper

"Volcanoe" wax,pigment,paper 45" x33"

Towering, 45"x30", wax,pigment, paper

Brothers, wax,pigment,paper 45"x30"

"Blue Meets Gold", wax, pigment, paper 40" x35"

"Blue Mountain", 30" x 44"

"Red Rock Canyon", 44" x 30"

"The Lone Butte", 38" x 50"

"Wax Gone Wild",  30" x 44"

"Sunset Landscape", 30" x44"

"Flying Buttress"  44" x30"

COLORS, wax,pigment, paper 30"x22",

Yellow Cloud, 30"x22"

                     Color Emerges, group of four, 30" x 22" each, wax pigment, paper